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I've looked at a number of programs to manage sheet music files on my iPad. None is better than Scorcerer. Keeping track of 100 or more fiddle tunes, etudes, etc. used to drive me crazy. Now, it's all in one place, on my iPad, organized in categories set up to suit my organizational needs. Files are easy to move from my computer to my iPad, and it's easy to rearrange them between different categories one they're there. For example, I can create a new group for Saturday's gig, drop in the necessary tune files from my library, and arrange them in whatever order I need.Scorcerer will work with simple one-page tunes, multi-page transcriptions and even book-length collections of music. Each new version contains new features. For example, I can now annotate my scores, if need be, with bowing remarks or performance reminders. The people who put this together are incredibly open to suggestions and helpful. For example, I was among those who asked for a notation feature, and they added it. When I ran into a problem with a mis-named file, they worked on the issue until they got it solved. Great company, great software.


From the iTunes Appstore, US