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Ok, this is the app I've been dreaming of since I started lugging scores around in a bag. It just works.  If you're looking for the replacement to carrying your sheet music around it's perfect. I do a bunch of singing with different groups - solo stuff and choral stuff and I've been scanning my music into this for the last little bit.  EVERYONE....I mean EVERYONE goes "that might make me buy an iPad" - or " i need that on my ipad"  If you're not a musician, you might not understand, but music scores get freakin' heavy. I tried it with some fake book charts too: clear enough to read the changes.  Choral music: PERFECT because most choral scores are the same size or a bit smaller than the IPad screen. I'm always mixing up different groups' music and I put my whole season's music on here. Now I am a good boy and get rid of the digital scores I don't own when the season's up.  But that's just me.  I must admit, it was a bit hard when I first bought the app because any music with repeats or da capos meant you had to flip back. But they just fixed that with a cool update that let's you, say, add page 1 again after page 3 if it's supposed to go back to the beginning, etc.  And you can write notes on the iPad right on the music, like a few more notes, sharps, flats, anything.It syncs directly with your computer - I've got boot camp so I use both windows 7 and OSX and it works really well with both - but for simplicity's sake with syncing I'd recommend only syncing on one of them, converting music on either one, but sticking to only one sync folder. Here's the BEAUTIFUL bit - it converts PDF files and other graphics files right to their song format.  Right in the desktop app.  And it will auto crop and straighten all the white space around the score to maximize screen real estate. Depending on the quality of your original (if you're scanning) the crop might be a bit too tight for some, but it's easy to tweak in the desktop software before saving. I know I'm gushing a bit...but this thing just WORKS. I am NOT affiliated with the company.  I've used it live on stage in three concerts so far and it never let me down. If you're able to turn down your screen brightness, you may want to as your fellow performers may not yet have cool bright electronic devices on THEIR music stands/folders :). I've sung in church with this for a few services too...and it wasn't too "futuristic" for them since you usually use some kind of music folder in church...although I suppose a nice black iPad case would be classy, too.  I've yet to try out the midi control functions that let you turn pages with a foot pedal so I don't know how it works. But given that the screen tap needed to change pages is a breeze, I imagine it's pretty cool.  I'll check back and let you all know once I've tried it.To sum up: this app is way out ahead of the competition.  And i've tried them.  I know people expect jaded negativity in reviews but not here.   Fellow singers:  you NEED this app on your iPad.  It's the Swiss army knife for performers and totally worth it.  Seriously.


From the iTunes Appstore, Canada