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Gig Performer Downloads  GigPerformerLogo-wide-light

Gig Performer is available for Mac OS X and Windows computers.

Please click here to visit the Gig Performer downloads page.




Scorecerer downloads

Downloads for OS X and Windows

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The latest version of Scorecerer is 7.x. This version has a completely new, improved syncing process. Please make sure that you update Scorecerer on your iPad to the latest version 7.x as well. Scorecerer versions prior to 7.x cannot sync with earlier versions!


Scorecerer for iPad 
is available only on the Apple iTunes Store. 

Scorecerer Desktop downloads

(by downloading Scorecerer Desktop you agree to terms outlined in our End User License Agreement that can be found here)

Macintosh OSX (Intel processors only)

Scorecerer Desktop (iPad edition) 7.06 for OSX (FREE) Version:7.06

Scorecerer Desktop Pro 7.06 for OSX Version:7.06

Windows 7 or newer
IMPORTANT: If you do not have iTunes already installed on your Windows PC, please click on this link to download and install BonjourSetup.

Scorecerer Desktop (iPad edition) 7.06 for Windows (FREE) Version:7.06

Scorecerer Desktop Pro 7.06 for Windows Version:7.06

While Scorecerer has been reported to work with earlier versions of Windows, including Windows XP, we regret that we cannot provide official support for anything earlier than Windows 7.


Remote desktop support

(Only download these files if requested
by a Deskew Technologies support technician)
Macintosh OSX (Intel processors only)

Remote Support (Mac) Version:1
Used for customer support to access the customer's computer.


Remote Support (Windows) Version:1
Remote desktop support to access customer's computer

Other downloads (completely unsupported)

This help file for Max 5 was created by spidering the online documentation and is included here as a single PDF. Permission to republish here was given by Cycling74.

Max 5 Help and Documentation

A PDF version of the documentation for the Max interactive graphical programming environment for music, audio, and media.

Available by permission of Cycling 74.




Enable or disable Time Machine


Convenient clickable apps for the Macintosh to turn on or off Time Machine --- useful if you're running any real-time programs that don't temporarily disable Time Machine for you. Download and unzip the apps to your desktop.