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scorecerer48 Scorecerer - your sheet music on your iPad

Transfer your entire sheet music collection to your iPad and use it for practice and performance.

For solo artists, band members, choirs, orchestras, teachers and students


  • Turns pages really fast*
  • Rapidly add handwritten annotations and highlights
  • Rearrange and repeat pages (for verse repeats, DS al Coda, etc) using virtual page ordering
  • Organize your songs into set lists
  • Play background tracks from your iTunes library
  • Use MIDI to change the sounds on your external synthesizer
  • Load your songs and change pages from a blue-tooth pedal, your MIDI keyboard or your DAW
  • Quickly import your existing paper sheet music (JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PDF, FH, etc)
  • Play background tracks from your music library while you perform

*So fast we actually had to add a special indicator so you know the page really changed!

    Scorecerer for iPad is available only on the Apple iTunes Store for $19.99


    Scorecerer iPad's focus is on presentation and management of your sheet music while you are practicing or performing.

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